What You Auto Know About Taking Care of Your Window Tinting, Leather Seats, and More

5 Car Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

It doesn’t matter where you live, or how hard you try.

Some how, some way, your car is going to get dirty again.

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Even after its been pouring rain, cars tend to gather a thin film of dust within hours.

Especially in Temecula Valley, where the dust is plentiful and the rain is few and far between, getting a carwash can seem almost futile.

That’s not even taking into consideration the inside of the car.

Where no matter how hard you may try, dust, food, coffee, and more seem to trickle in, creating a layer of filth for you to dig through.

Of course, getting your car washed and detailed is always an option.

Though, given the expense of both, it’s likely that you’ll want to do either as little as possible.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the five best cleaning hacks that will keep your car cleaner and more spotless than ever before.

Take a look at our tips and tricks and see how to quickly take care of that window tinting job, those leather seats, or even your window wipers.

Olive Oil

You’ve probably heard of some of the amazing health benefits of olive oil. Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, it has proven to work wonders from the inside out. In recent years, however, we’ve seen olive oil turn into more than the awesome health bomb that it is. Now, hair stylists recommend olive oil for chemical-free hair treatment and estheticians for skin solutions ranging from rosacea to acne. It’s no wonder then that we’ve found great success using olive oil as a mild and natural leather treatment for seats and the dashboard. If you’re looking for a quick condition but don’t have anything on hand, then reach for your pantry for a jar of

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extra virgin olive oil. Avoid applying directly to the seats and dash, however, as this can cause stains. Instead, put some olive oil on a lint-free cloth and gently swipe at the area, refraining from scrubbing. Your car won’t just look shiny, it will smell and feel great, too.


Welcome to the age of do-it-yourself where pretty much everything is fair game. We’ve got to hand it to whoever came up with this next DIY car cleaning hack, because it doesn’t just work, but it works great. If your car headlights are dim, cloudy, or yellow with age and you just don’t have the time or money to take them in to be replaced, then reach for your bottle of toothpaste that’s sitting on your bathroom sink. Use a paper-towel to completely coat your headlights in the toothpaste and let it sit for a few moments before beginning to scrub. This will allow the paste to begin to lift the oxidation that has taken place and warped your lights. Using the rough side of a sponge (or even toothbrush) begin to light scrub at your headlights, working the toothpaste into the plastic lights. To remove, rinse with warm water and pat or air dry. While you should ultimately look toward a headlight restoration specialist, the toothpaste trick will leave your car’s lights clear in the in-between.

Dryer Sheets

Is there anything worse than tore up bugs in your car’s grille? I didn’t think so. Unfortunately, bug-guts are just one of those things that manage to stick around even after you’ve gone through the car wash a time or two. If you’re having problems with bug-guts and don’t have the time, energy, patience, or stomach to clean them off of your grille gate, then this is the trick for you.

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Instead of getting on your hands and knees, grab a dryer sheet from your laundry room. The antistatic that is present in dryer sheets will help lift the grime from your grilles with little-to-no-effort on your behalf. Simply take your wet dryer sheet, swipe at your grille, and go! As an added bonus, you can take your wet dryer sheets and clean your actual grill with just as much ease as your car.

Rubbing Alcohol

You know that frustrated feeling when your windshield wipers don’t so much wipe as they do smear? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, smearing wipers are the kind that typically needs to be replaced. The problem, of course, is that many people do not have the time to head out to get new wipers when this happens. If you’re in a pickle and need to get your wipers in a workable order as soon as possible, then grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Using a piece of cloth or washcloth to spread the alcohol across the rubber part of the wiper blade. This will help seal the blade, making it slide more easily across your windshield, making your wipers work as they’re meant to.

Coffee Filters

Not just for that morning cup o’ Joe anymore, coffee filters rank among the clever (and whoodathunk’s) of DIY car cleaning hacks.

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Because they have tiny holes in them (to filter things out, of course), coffee filters work well for cleaning out vents and catching tiny dust particles in your car. Take your filters and give all of your filters, dashboard, and the nooks and crannies a good wipe down, collecting the dust that’s collected. When you’ve finished, dip the filters into water that’s been mixed with a little apple cider vinegar to gently ease stains out of your car’s seats, floor, or even to give a gentle wipe down to your tinted windows.

What car cleaning hacks do you use on your car?

Comment below with tips and tricks for keeping your car looking and running like new!







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