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Dear car owners, we know you are big subscribers to the Do-It-Yourself philosophy when it comes to those beloved machines, but if there’s one area you’d excel with the help of professionals, it is window tint removal.

Window tinting is great; it not only improves the look of your car but also keeps it cool, comfortable, and safe even on those blazing hot days. But sadly, as is the case with most things in life, window tint degrades too, leaving your car looking eyesore. Window tint must therefore be replaced now and then.

And while you will find a lot of resources offering quick step guide to removing window tint on your own, unfortunately, do-it-yourself tint removal can go wrong so fast for a lot of reasons such as lack of the right tools and materials, lack of enough time to give the window a blitz and so on. Some of the problems you are likely to encounter if you decide to remove window tint on your own include the following:

Scratches on the glass

There are various window tint removal techniques. Most of these involve scrapping off the tint with some special tool. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the experience to execute the techniques, you could leave deep scratches on your car window.

Scratches are not good to have on your car windows. These compromise the structural integrity of the window, predisposing it to other damages.

Filmy Residue

Not to say you are good for nothing but sometimes you just won’t have the time to give the window a blitz, and in consequence your tint removal attempts may leave behind filmy residues

For example, the tint’s top layer is always easy to remove, but the second layer requires special attention; otherwise, some adhesives that dung the look of your car and compromises the placement of the fresh tint remain behind.

Inhalation of toxins

Taking care of the window tint on your own may result in the inhalation of unpleasant chemicals if you do not follow the right ventilation guidelines. Ammonia, for example, is one material used in tint removal and, if inhaled in high concentrations, may result in blindness, burning throat, lung damage, and even death.

To avoid the problems that accompany most Do it yourself tint removal attempts, consider bringing your car to a Perfect Shade of Tint auto spa in Temecula and let technicians remove the tint for you without wreaking havoc on the window.

We are a professional team of technicians with years of experience in the auto tinting business. We have amerced great skills and techniques to deal with any window tint without compromising your window’s structural integrity or leaving those sticky residues behind.

Keep in mind that while you may have to spend more, it will save you a lot of hard work and time to go about other businesses. Plus, you can get new tint installed in our auto spa, at A Perfect Shade of Tint, everything to do with window tinting is possible under one roof.

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