How to Spot a Bad Tint Job

Window tinting has far more benefits than most people know. Apart from the aesthetical enhancement of your car, it reduces visibility into your vehicle, thereby increasing privacy and security. Moreover, tints block a considerable portion of the sun’s harmful UV rays. In the event of an accident, tinted glass has a lower chance of shattering.

As useful as it is, a cheap, low-quality tint job can turn an expensive car into an eyesore. DIY tints may seem like a good way to save money, but in the end, they don’t last and can look quite ghastly after just a few months.

Whether you’re buying a used car with window tints or looking to get your own car’s windows tinted, it is important to know what a bad tint job looks like. Luckily, if you know what to look for, you can spot a bad tint job from a mile away.

What Does a Bad Tint Job Look Like?

You may immediately notice that a tint job looks shoddy because, let’s face it, low-quality tints never look appealing. Here are some tell-tale signs of a bad tint job to look out for.

1. Bubbles in the film

One of the classic signs of a bad tint job is bubbles in the film. These bubbles reduce visibility and are generally hideous to look at. A bad tint job typically uses cheap adhesive, which breaks down quickly, thus allowing bubbles to form between the film and the window. Even though the main concern here is the aesthetic appeal of your car, bubbles can also distort your view.

2. Purple hue

Basic tint job uses cheap dyes that normally age very quickly. In a matter of months, the tint job starts to develop a purple shade that looks washed out and tacky. If you notice that the tint job seems to fade into purple around the edges, that’s a red flag. It tells you that the tint used was of low quality.

3. Large gap and uneven edges

Professional window tint technicians use computerized templates to cut the film so that it aligns precisely with the edges of the window. Therefore, the edges only have a small space between them and the window and have clean, consistent lines.

A bad tint job, on the other hand, will have edges that appear uneven. Furthermore, there will be a large gap between the film’s borders and the car’s windows.

4. The film is not aligned with dot-matrix

Most professionals know how to align window tint with the dot matrix present on most car windows. If it doesn’t, the chances are that it won’t stick properly. Low-quality tints develop an unappealing zigzag line at the dot-matrix section. A professional would know to sand it down first to improve the effectiveness of the adhesive.

5. Doesn’t block heat very well

To test the tint’s heat-blocking capacity, put one hand out the window and the other inside the car. Notice how much of a difference you feel on either side. A bad tint job won’t feel much cooler, indicating that it lets in most of the sunlight. This means it won’t protect your car’s interior from overheating.

A Perfect Shade of Tint for that Perfect Tint Job

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