How To Clean Tinted Car Windows

If you have tinted car windows then you are probably concerned that cleaning them incorrectly may damage the tinted plastic film. While the film used is usually tough mylar plastic it can still have its useful lifespan reduced by incorrect cleaning, so you are right to be careful. To help you get the most use out of that car window tint here are some tips on the best way to clean tinted car windows.

– Clean in the Shade

It’s best to find a shaded spot for the cleaning process where possible. Cleaning tinted car windows in the direct sun will cause the cleaning fluids to dry too quickly, particularly on extremely hot days. It may also cause the adhesive used to attach the plastic film to the window to soften slightly and increase the chance of the film warping as a result.

If you do need to clean tinted car windows in the open then consider cleaning the windows in the early morning or near dark. Or clean in small sections starting from the top of the window so that that the fluids don’t have time to dry. You may also want to keep a spray bottle filled with water handy to keep the window wet.

– Don’t Use Ammonia-Based Cleaners

Ammonia can have a damaging effect on the plastic window tint, so you’ll need to avoid any cleaning fluid that contains it when you clean tinted car windows. This includes glass cleaners such as standard Windex, although Windex and similar brands generally have an ammonia-free version available that should work fine.

Bear in mind that you can still use ammonia-based cleaners on the side of the window that doesn’t have the plastic tint (the tint is usually on the inside of the window). Just keep that cleaner away from the plastic tint.

– Use Vinegar and Water to Clean

There are a variety of different cleaning solutions you can use to clean tinted car windows, but one of the best is vinegar and water. Vinegar is also fairly cheap compared to many cleaning products. White vinegar is probably the best choice, but any type of vinegar should do well enough.

– Don’t use abrasive cleaning cloths, brushes, or sponges

While you should avoid using anything abrasive on glass anyway, the plastic window tint will often be more susceptible to scratching than glass. When you clean tinted car windows the tools you use should be carefully selected to do the least harm possible to the plastic coating. This will give you the most life from it.

Generally, microfiber towels work best, though anything that doesn’t have a rough and abrasive surface should be fine.

– Don’t Clean Too Soon After Installation

After you get your windows tinted the adhesive that attaches the tinted plastic film to the window glass will need time to set properly. You should generally wait at least a few days to a week before you give the windows a clean. During winter-time, you will probably need to wait longer due to the cold weather slowing the adhesive curing process.

– Clean Extremely Dirty Windows With Fresh Water First

If the window has a lot of dirt or other water-soluble material on it then it’s best to rinse that muck off with water before using a cleaning solution. This will reduce the amount of cleaning solution you need and ensure that you do a better job when you clean your tinted car windows. It will also prevent the glass and plastic film from becoming scratched if the muck has any abrasive material in it.

With a bit of care and caution when you clean tinted car windows you should get good value and a long life from them. If you want the longest lifespan possible from your windows then the best way to achieve that is to get high-quality tint applied by experienced professionals.

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