How to Avoid a Window Tint Nightmare

Installing window tints is one of the simplest ways to make your car look more expensive, both on the inside and outside.

There is a catch, however. The reality is, not every window tint does the trick. I’d be lying if I said that there is no difference between professionally applied tints and the store-bought DIY window tinting kits – there is, and it is a HUGE difference.

It is essential to get the tint right if you’re serious about getting your car windows tinted. Here’s why:

1. The Law is Choosy About Window Tints

Car window tinting is regulated by the local government. In case you’re wondering why the local police department takes such an interest in vehicle customization, it is because not all window tints are the same.

The two types that are mostly frowned upon are mirrored tints (these tend to reflect light, which doesn’t bode well for other road users) and extra-dark tints (these make everyone suspicious—the police don’t like suspicious things).

Ignore this, and you will soon find yourself back at the window tint shop to get them removed. That is if you’re fortunate enough to escape a trip to the local jail.

2. You Get Exactly What You Pay For

As far as car window tinting is concerned, you only get what you pay for. Don’t feel like hiring a professional to do it? No problem; just ensure that you know what you’re doing; otherwise, you’ll make a lot of mistakes. Would you rather get spray window tinting because it’s easier to install? That’s fine. There is a chance it might come out looking like someone’s ninth grade project, but that’s what you get with spray tints.

If you love your car (and I know everyone that’s reading this does), don’t balk on reaching deeper into your pockets to hire a professional car window tinting company. It is well worth the cost.

Getting Window Tints Installed is Only Half the Task

The other half entails keeping your tinted windows looking, well, tinted. Sure, the quality of the installation matters a lot, but it doesn’t count for much if you don’t know how to properly maintain the tint. What you should do is:

    • Give the tints time to cure. Don’t roll down your windows for about a week (4 days is fine too) to allow the film to rest and develop.

    • Don’t use rough cleaners. Seriously, your tint is nothing more than a thin film the first few days after it is installed. Take a bristly brush or abrasive cleaning cloth to it before it’s cured and you’ll be back at the tinting shop before the day ends.

    • Don’t use harsh chemicals. Anything that’s got ammonia in it will react very badly with the tint. Use good old mild soap and any organic cleaners you can find instead.

    • Don’t wash your windows in direct sunlight. The heat from the sun is bad enough, but add a layer of water (which acts as a magnifying glass, FYI), and you will subject your newly-installed tints to a lot of heat damage.

    • Clean your windows. Window tints are good at hiding dust. That doesn’t mean it’s not there. Clean your tinted windows regularly with cold water, a cotton cloth, and mild soap.

Finding the Right Tint is Easy

It all depends on who you get to do it for you. Getting car windows tinted at A Perfect Shade of Tint is a particularly right decision. We understand why people tint their vehicles, so apart from privacy, our tints bring benefits such as reduced interior temperatures, glare reduction, UV-ray filtration, and an impressive interior environment. Talk to us about our premium Temecula tint — you will not be disappointed.

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