Easy Care Tips For Tinted Windows

Whether it’s for improving privacy or protecting the interior, tinted windows also make your vehicle look cool. Yes, tinting your windows isn’t expensive, but you can get to enjoy its benefits better and longer if you take good care of it. How do you take care of yours? Here are some easy-care tips for your vehicle’s tinted windows.

Take some time before your first cleaning

You should be patient and take roughly a week before cleaning your windows for the first time after tinting them. You don’t want the tint to come unstuck or crinkle, do you? By waiting for a week, the adhesive would have had enough time to attach itself to the glass firmly. From this point on, you can clean your windows regularly as they get dirty.

Clean your windows last

Have you ever noticed streaks on your windows after washing your car? These are dried cleaning products that you didn’t rinse away properly. Maybe you did, but some more dripped from the roof. You can eschew this by cleaning your windows last. This way, you will be able to clean all the cleaning products from your window. Try to let your car dry under a shade for a uniform drying as this will prevent water streaks from forming on the window.

Only use a microfiber cloth to dry your windows

Yes, you can clean and rinse your tinted windows with any piece of soft cloth available. Despite this, you should only use a microfiber cloth to dry your windows. You can wipe it down or buff dry.

What to avoid

In taking care of your car windows tint, knowing what to eschew is just as crucial. You should not use any products containing ammonia on your windows. Also, avoid using sharp objects and abrasive cleaning equipment, including newspapers, paper towels, and scourers on your windows.

Reasons to choose A Perfect Shade of Tint for your tinting needs

Getting a top-quality tint and having it installed correctly is just as an essential care practice as the others mentioned above. A Perfect Shade of Tint is an industry-leading window tinting company boasting of a 5-star yelp rating, rich experience, and professional expertise. Here is why you should rely on this company for your tinting needs.

Unrivaled window tinting films

Yes, there are many options in the market today, but A Perfect Shade of Tint offers unrivaled tinting films. Do you want the highest quality tinting films? They got it. Moreover, just as their name suggests, they got it in the perfect shade.

Optimal UVA and UVB protection

UV rays can quickly ruin the lush interior of your car. It’s therefore paramount that your tinted windows provide the optimal UVA and UVB protection to prevent this. This company’s tint films will provide your vehicle’s interior unparalleled protection from the harsh UV rays.

Optimal heat protection

A Perfect Shade of Tint offers high-grade ceramic tinting films that provide optimal heat restriction. With this, you don’t have to turn your AC on as often, leading to fuel savings.

Tinted windows have lots of benefits. Go on and get your perfect shade of tint now to enjoy these benefits.

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