Car Window Tinting Shades

Tinting of car windows has essentially become a prominent trend with motor vehicle owners and a popular after-sales vehicle modification service across the globe.

If you are looking to install car window tint, you are probably aware of the numerous benefits that come with it, including blocking harmful UV rays, regulating temperature, increasing privacy particularly for public road users, and reducing glare. However, what you may not know is that there are numerous factors to consider among them what type of car window tinting shade you want.

So, what are the different car window tinting shades, and which one is the best one for you? Here is everything you need to know about car window tinting shades.

What are the Different shades of car window tint you can choose from?

Window tinting on cars is usually done in various shades. Typically, the tint of your car window is generally determined by the use of a tint meter. This meter transmits a light beam through a window, and this light beam measures the percentage of light which passed through to the other side.

The shades are branded by percentages with these percentages representing the amount of light that passes through the car tint. This is known as the Visible Light Temperature (VLT %). The VLT% highlights the amount of visible light permitted to shine into the car while also indirectly highlighting how dark this tint appears. For instance, 5 % shade means that it allows 5 % of light to pass through the vehicle while blocking 95%.

Standard auto glass, which is glass with no tint, usually reflects about 5 % and transmits approximately 90 % of visible light right into the vehicle. There are several shades of tint when it comes to car window tinting.

First are the standard factory windows that refer to windows with no tint. These are clear glass-like regular windows installed in the factory.

The next option is the 50% tint shade. This tint is therefore designed to block approximately half of the visible light while subsequently allowing half of it to pass through into the car’s interior. This tint is also called Light Smoke and usually creates a subtle, elegant appearance.

The other tint shade is the 35 % tint, and this is the most extensively recommended standard maximum car window tint by most regulations across the globe. This tint allows 30 % visible light to penetrate through the window and is also called Smoke. It creates a subtle, elegant appearance also.

The other tint shade is the 20 % shade and is the tint shade most popularly utilized across the globe. This shade is called Midnight or Medium tint by various providers. It usually allows 20% of visible light to penetrate, and it is excellent whenever a car is with a game or TV console.

Finally, there is also the 5 % car window tint that is also called the dark or limo tint. This one usually allows 5% of the visible light to pass through the car window glass. Such tint is popularly utilized with standard commercial vehicles for ultimate privacy, therefore preventing theft as well as preventing outsiders from seeing the equipment or tools in the car.

Which Car Window Tinting Shade is best for you?

The overall tinting shade you choose depends on the laws in your country, as well as your personal preference. Typically, laws are different, mainly depending on the country and state you live in. However, the most popularly used tint shade is the 50 % limit tint usually fitted on the forefront car windows, and the 35% tinting shade traditionally installed in the rear car windows.

Ideally, the most apparent reason for regulating the tinting shade on a vehicle is that too dark car window tint limits visibility for the driver, especially during the night, and this subsequently poses a safety and security threat.

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