Benefits of Installing Window Film on Your Vehicle

Optical clarity, improved heat rejection, reduced glare—installing window film on your vehicle comes with many benefits. Modern window films are miles ahead (technologically speaking) from the spray-on tints of the past. They’re much more practical, and with good maintenance, they can last a long time.

If you’re not sold on why you should install window film on your vehicle yet, read this article to understand their benefits, and why many people choose A Perfect Shade of Tint as their window film vendor.

What’s Window Film?

A window film is essentially made of a thin polyester sheet mixed with coating materials that block light (including ultraviolet and infrared light). It is applied directly to the glass surface from the inside and stuck in place using adhesives.

A quality window film is easy to distinguish. For starters, it doesn’t fade or change color ever. Investing in a high-quality tint is pretty much an investment for life. Not only doesn’t it fade, but it is also installed using quality adhesives, the type that doesn’t break down when exposed to water and chemicals.

Why Install Window Film?

Some do it for privacy, others to look cool. Window film is as much a practical choice as it is a style preference. Professional installers carry four or five different grades of film, each with different light transmission levels. For example, a 70% film lets in 70% of the light directed at it, so it is very light, whereas a 5 % film is very dark as it lets in very little light.

Your reason to install window film may not be the same as your friend’s, but the benefits are all the same.

Benefits of Installing Window Films

Style Factor

It’s not fair to assume that everyone who gets a window tint does it to look cool, but the results speak for themselves. Window tints are incredibly stylish when done professionally. They can make your car look more expensive or luxurious, regardless of color, make, or age.


When you leave valuables in the car, there’s always a risk of attracting the wrong kind of people. Window films make it impossible for people to look into your car unless they press their faces right up against the window, raising suspicion. They can act as an effective deterrent against petty criminals.


Driving around with window films is like driving incognito: people can’t see anyone in the car. Celebrities and top personalities all get chauffeured in tinted vehicles because it affords them much more privacy and peace of mind.


In the event of a car accident, window films turn out to be extremely useful. Some professionals offer security films that stop the side’s tempered glass and rear windows from shattering into bits upon impact. These window films can also stop a break-and-enter attempt, so they serve a dual purpose (privacy and security).

Heat Management

The reason why most people get window film and the reason you should splurge on good quality window film is that it can help keep your car interior cool.

These heat-blocking films are called ceramic or nano window films. If your car feels like a preheated oven during summer days, thermal-blocking films can resolve that problem.

It’s worth mentioning that light transmission doesn’t affect heat blocking. There are special films that are designed to block heat regardless of how much light they let in. Many shops are willing to demonstrate how that works, so make sure you ask.

Film Installation Professionals

The benefits of window films don’t end there: they protect your skin from UV rays that cause cancer and reduce the load on your car’s air conditioning. The list of benefits can be pretty long.

To enjoy all these benefits, don’t entrust film installation to cut-rate tint shops. Spray-on films are low-quality, unreliable, and have almost no heat-blocking capabilities. Get a tint that allows you all the benefits we’ve discussed at A Perfect Shade of Tint, the pros of making your car interior as cool as its exterior.

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