4 Ways To Remove Car Window Tint

There are so many benefits to having your car windows tinted. However, over time the tint can become
discolored, scratched, or may have bubbles that have formed under the plastic sheet. At this point, you
probably need to remove and possible replace it before it becomes a safety issue. In some regions, you may
also be legally liable if you let the tint degrade beyond a certain point. So how do you get that tint off
your windows? Here’s a few methods you may like to use.


Removing tint using steam requires a handheld steam cleaner and will take about thirty minutes for door
windows and longer for front and back windows. You’re probably looking at a few hours to do all the
windows in the average car. You’ll also need to be careful to avoid scalding yourself with the steam. To
remove the tint, just start at a corner and spray steam into the area between the tint sheet and the window as
you pull back the tint. Avoid using too much force to pull on the plastic sheet of tint, as you may tear it and
complicate the job. Once the tint sheet is free of the window, you will need to clean off any remaining
adhesive with a glue solvent or commercial cleaner.


Ammonia can be a dangerous chemical to use, so you will need to take care when using it to remove tint. Use
gloves and a breathing mask when handling the ammonia and when working near it. Get some plastic tarps
to cover the area around the window that any ammonia may splatter onto. Tape these up using plastic tape
and check to see that there are no exposed spots. Something else to bear in mind is that the ammonia method
works best on hot days when the ammonia will be more effective, so you may need to use a different method
during cooler seasons.

Get some plastic garbage bags and cut them to fit the shape of the window. Spray the tinted side of the
window with the ammonia and cover it with the garbage bag. Let this all sit in the sun for at least an hour or
two and then come back and peel off the plastic garbage bag. The tint should also pull off at this point, but
you may need to use a razor to clean up any bits that are still stuck to the window. If the tint won’t come off
then you will need to wait longer for the ammonia to dissolve the adhesive holding it on.

Use a Hair Dryer

This method works in the same way as the steamer technique except that you are using hot air instead of
steam. Set your hair dryer to its highest setting and start blowing hot air onto the edge of the window on the
side the tint is on. Peel the edge of the plastic tint back as it loosens up and blow hot air into the space
between the tint sheet and the window as you continue to pull on the plastic tint. Work your way across and
down the plastic tint sheet as you pull it free of the window. This method may take much longer than the
steamer method and you may have more adhesive to clean off at the end, so take that into account.

Hire a Professional

If you don’t want the hassle of removing the tint yourself or are worried that you’ll botch the job and damage
your car, then it’s best to hire a professional to do the work for you. At A
Perfect Shade of Tint in Murrieta, we will take on the job for you and remove your
damaged car tint safely and quickly. Trying to save money by doing the job yourself may end up costing you
money if you cause damage in the process so this is the best option to choose if you are not experienced at
tint removal.

While there are a few different methods to for tint removal near Murrieta, you need to be careful that
whichever method you use doesn’t cause damage to either you or the car. Make sure you have everything
you need to get the job done before you start and take your time while removing the tint. Be careful when
handling dangerous tools and dangerous chemicals. And if you’re not confident that you know what you’re
doing then just save yourself the pain and let A Perfect Shade of Tint do it for you.

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