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    Window Tint Temecula

    If you are looking for a professional car tinting service the the Temecula Valley, then A Perfect Shade of Tint is the place you have been searching for! Buying a vehicle is a large investment, and with window tinting, you can help keep your investment safe from a number of dangers. One of the most […]

    Winter Car Window-ho-ho Care

    5 Tricks For Winterizing Your Car Window Care Happy holidays, everyone! It should come as no surprise to anyone that Christmas is finally upon us. Add to that that the weather keeps growing colder by the day, and it seems like more than an appropriate time to talk about winter window care. Dealing with windows […]

    Flashing Lights, Window Tinting, and Speeding, Oh My!

    5 Things Guaranteed To Get You Pulled Over One of the most exciting times in anyone’s life is getting their license. It promises a sense of freedom and responsibility. Picture it as you did when you were sixteen with a freshly minted ID: window down, music up, and hair blowing in the wind. You were […]